If you want to learn about early African History then I suggest you start with my series of books as they are probably the best introduction to the ancient and medieval history of Black people. This history is as important as the history of the peoples of Asia, Europe, or the Americas. Moreover, the achievements of the early people of Africa are as amazing and inspiring as the achievements of any other people. This history is much older than the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and looks at the ancient civilizations of Africa particularly those of the Nile Valley such as Nubia and Ancient Egypt. All books are fully illustrated and they each make recommendations to other books for more in depth study.

West African Contributions to Science & Technology

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When West Africa is mentioned in a historical context, it is usually presented as the traditional hunting ground for slaves. Very few writers have shown any interest in the contributions of West Africans to science and technology, and thus there has been very little
research that challenges the perspective that all that West Africans have ever been historically is to be under the whip of other peoples.

Fortunately, the tide is beginning to change, a National Geographic article entitled Reclaiming the Ancient Manuscripts of Timbuktu mentioned that some scholars believe that 700,000 manuscripts, some dating to the twelfth century, have survived in the West African city of Timbuktu. They also say the manuscripts ‘covered an array of subjects: astronomy, medicine, mathematics, chemistry,’ etcetera. The article mentioned other data that is little known today but well worth repeating: ‘Beginning in the 12th century, Timbuktu was becoming one of the great centers of learning in the Islamic world. Scholars and students traveled from as far away as Cairo, Baghdad, and elsewhere in Persia to study from the noted manuscripts found in Timbuktu. Respected scholars who taught in Timbuktu were referred to as ambassadors of peace throughout North Africa.’

Like the National Geographic article, this book presents a different side to West African historical achievements. Challenging all stereotypes, it is a general introduction to the exciting role played by early West Africans in the evolution of Mathematics, Astronomy &
Physics, Metallurgy, Medicine & Surgery, Boat building & Navigation, Architecture, and Crafts & Industry.

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