If you want to learn about early African History then I suggest you start with my series of books as they are probably the best introduction to the ancient and medieval history of Black people. This history is as important as the history of the peoples of Asia, Europe, or the Americas. Moreover, the achievements of the early people of Africa are as amazing and inspiring as the achievements of any other people. This history is much older than the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and looks at the ancient civilizations of Africa particularly those of the Nile Valley such as Nubia and Ancient Egypt. All books are fully illustrated and they each make recommendations to other books for more in depth study.

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Top 100 Black History FactsYou can jump ahead with your knowledge of Black History by using my free report. 

I am highly regarded as the leading authority in Black History in the UK due to my extensive work. My landmark publication When We Ruled’ was described as the best general work on the ancient and medieval history of Black people there has ever been.

When We Ruled was praised for its extraordinary and cutting edge fusion of archaeological data, documentary evidence and historical linguistic research.

I have written a complimentary report for you on the Top 100 Black History Facts. Direct download available shortly.  Please leave a message in the box below if you would like a copy.

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